How to Upgrade my Level 1 in Helploop? [BitcoinTalk]

In Helploop you have to donate to your respective upline to Upgrade your Level 1 or activate your account but it's Free for BitcoinTalk Community in the promotion Campaign, it is easy to upgrade here, let's see what we have to do to Upgrade Level.

Steps to Upgrade Level 1:

  • Sign in using your credentials.
  • Click 'UPGRADE LEVEL'.
  • Click on the Level 1 you want to upgrade.
  • Scroll the ticket to the right side and click on 'Make Payment'.
  • Select the Any other Mode as your Payment Method.
  • In Describe Payment Mode enter 'BitcoinTalk Loves Helploop'and upload an image of your post showing a positive message for platform on any of your social media as Payment Proof and then click 'Proceed'.
  • Check and confirm whether all details are filled correctly or not and then Click on 'Confirm'.

After this, Your payment request would be sent successfully and now within 48 hours your account will be Upgraded to Level 1.

If you have any further questions, you can ask us anything at!

Good luck!