How to Locate Transaction Hash?

What is Transaction Hash?

Every transaction on blockchain has its unique identifier. It's called transaction hash (tx hash, TX ID).

Transaction hash looks like a random sequence of letters and/or numbers. Here is an example of Bitcoin transaction hash:


You can use transaction hashes to search your transactions on blockchain and to share them with people. For example, if you search the hash from above in popular block explorer, you will see all the info about the transaction: date, amount, receiver address, etc. Take a look!

Where do you find Transaction Hash?

Note: in any crypto wallet, trading platform, etc. there usually is some kind of transaction history. Transaction hashes can be located there. If not, you can contact support team of that service and ask them to provide you with the hashes you need.

On Blockchain transaction hashes of your payments can be found:

  • Choose the transaction that you want to see the Transaction Hash
  • Click on the new pop-window button to verify the transaction on Blockchain
  • Now copy the Transaction Hash

Paste this Transaction Hash into your Payment Gateway of Helploop.